Welcome to the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Houston!

Do you want to help

  • Promote Love & Acceptance– of all people?
  • Extend your values into the world– with like-minded folks?
  • Create a caring community of open-minded children & adults?
  • Advance social justice?
  • Nourish your human spirit?

Then consider checking us out.

We are One Church in Three Locations.

Each of our campuses have their own distinct culture and campus enrichment program, but we are one church. On all three campuses, our path has 3 steps:

           Connect, Grow, and Serve.

To connect with us, visit a campus near you. Our weekly Sunday Celebration for all ages is held on all three campuses. These people you see on Sunday morning probably have different beliefs from each other and from you. Some are atheist, others theist, a couple of pagans, some have a Buddhist practice. We are interesting folk!

We also have a wide variety of activities throughout the week that appeal to the diverse interests we have as Unitarian Universalists.

Be curious and open minded. Make a connection. One of the things we offer you is an opportunity to really get to know some people who are enough like you to be comfortable, but different enough to be interesting.

We’re all about– Liberal Religion for Diverse Families!  Check out our family activities, learn about our enrichment programs, take a look at our events calendar, or explore our campus programs and information guides.

We hope to see you soon!  All are welcome at First UU Church!